Thanks to @B1A4BTS5ever for making this challenge, and @MagicBananas for helping me understand what the challenge is about. ...but before you view this card, people's faces, addresses, and people's names will be blurred or not shown for safety reasons. 1. I have weird collections of various objects. Here is an example: ^ This Photo is my collection of all my school supplies/studio supplies... From drawing supplies, to pencils, to back-up supplies, to desktop supplies, to painting supplies.
2. Now that I got to talk about what I use those supplies for, here's another collection of drawings that I've done with the supplies from the previous picture... Some of these drawing are done on paper, posters, and my wall. The catfish (don't mind the tree, is blurred for safety reasons) I draw this in middle school, and I even won 1st place.
3. Again, now that we brought the topic of achievements, here's a collection that I have from all the certificates that I've received from middle school to high school, its a total of 42 certificates (not including my diploma), and 4 medals. I even got to be student of the year on my senior year.
4. During High School, I also got the opportunity to travel and be part of a great National Student Organization called "SkillsUSA". For those who don't know what SkillsUSA is, this is my explanation: Is a non-profit organization that benefits students, teachers, and industries as they work together to make sure America has a skilled work force. (Is an organization for students who study Career and Technical Education programs like Culinary Arts, Welding, Construction, Cosmetology, etc.) I took Culinary Arts, and I even got the chance to become a State Officer for SC. Although my time in office didn't last, I've kept every single thing from them as a memory. I have books (business and leadership books), Pins from every state (High School and College), wrist bands, other supplies, my officer Pins, and my huddle group.
5. In one of my previous cards, I mentioned that my family's last name is 'de la Rosa' (of the Rose). This explains my addiction for flowers, especially roses.
6. Do you guys ever received a gift card for valentines days, for your birthday or Christmas? I have, and I don't ever throw them away because even though they are just cards, the people who gave it to me makes them special, so I don't throw them away. I also got a thing for lotion, I have it there but don't quite use it as often.
7. My phone collection... Self explanatory... BLOCK B & BIGBANG my cutiepies, specially P.O & T.O.P... Also dramafever, dramas, and my current phone wallscreen (last picture).
8. Last but DEFINITELY not least. God is big part of my life, sometimes I feel like I take him for granted, so I hope I'll be able to get a better and greater relationship with him.
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