I mainly seem to have a baby starter collection of a bunch of random things, so let's see! Thanks @B1A4BTS5ever for starting and tagging me in this. :)
This is my movie collection as of a couple years ago, although it hasn't grown much since then. Sadly they aren't organized the way I want right now so gotta use this old photo. Lol.
My baby beginner comic collection. I have a thing for Birds of Prey. Also random Green Arrow I stumbled upon. And the X-Men was a gift from a coworker when I left that job. Love them!
Also baby starter record collection. Wish k-pop had more of a vinyl market (but not really cause I would be so poor).
Lastly, I love hats. Thanks again for tagging me. Wish I had more K-Pop merch to call it a collection. 馃槀馃槀
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@baeykayleen haha the struggle of being the only person in my friend group that likes them I get all the time "who are the front bottoms!?" When people see my poster .-.
@SerenaMcG hah yeah it makes a little sense, the band's name is a bit strange. But hey, good music is good music.
@baileykayleen that's what I say
This is so cool! I love Birds of Prey btw- your collections are awesome!
@shannonl5 thank you! Birds of Prey is really great, love some girl power comics.