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Okay! So Since you know your date, and what chariot you will be in; lets do the reveal of the date. As you know from before, Each car leads to a different location of where the Date will be.
So Lets Begin with the Date. . .
As an Added plus, I will leave this here. You're Welcome πŸ’–
Aston Martin: Segway's in the Park πŸ’–
Imagine this:
Your date comes to pick you up for a fun date that he had planned. Usually, he'd ask what you wanted to do, but this time he wanted to do something that y'all could remember forever.
The car pulled up to the park, he got out and held your door open while you got out too. A guy was there in a truck, and he pulled out two segways. One for you, one for him. You looked at him weirdly, but you figured why now. The guy taught you both how to ride them, then sent you off on your way.
Your Angel decides that it would be fun to take going to the park a whole new level. He wants to have a friendly race with you, which his competitive cute side comes out full force. He does a twirl while on the segway that sends you to have a giggle fit. This date will definitely be one you remember forever. πŸ’–
Bugatti Veyron: Amusement Park with a Couple Themed Photoshoot πŸ’–
Imagine this:
Y'all are having a date day for the first time in a long time. He wants to take you to the amusement park so see the attractions, but also to take couple themed photos. He gets scared of roller-coasters, but with you there by his side, he can overcome his fear easily. You both walk around hand in hand, with him happily showing off how special you are to him. You come across a booth set up for pictures. But not just any pictures, themed pictures. He lets you choose the themes that you want, and has two of every photo made so you both can have this memory for years to come. πŸ’–
Ferrari Enzo: Space Needle Restaurant overlooking the City πŸ’–
Imagine This:
He wanted to take you to dinner. Not just any restaurant though, the Space Needle. It is this romantic restaurant that overlooks every skyline in the city. It takes a whole new meaning to dine and scenery. Your table, had an added candlelight to set the romance apart. At night, you can see lights for miles due to the Needle overlooking everything below. He wanted to treat you to a nice dinner and make this lasting memory with you. You are amazed at how beautiful it looks, and how sentimental this is, that you would experience this with him. πŸ’–
Lamborghini Aventador: Painting With a Twist πŸ’–
Imagine this:
He wanted to make date night a fun experience for you both, and release the inner Picasso or Leonardo DiVinci. Knowing that you like art, he wanted to book a date night, to where y'all would do couples painting. You had a multitude of choices, from intermediate to experience, depending on your skill. The artwork ranges from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and florals. He enjoys spending time with you, and wanted to do something UNIQue-PUN intended. πŸ’–
Saleen Raptor: SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park. πŸ’–
Imagine this:
Before he came to pick you up, he called and rented the Indoor Trampoline Park for your date. He decided that since today was the day for your date, he would like to experience the park with you. His inner kid came out, and wanted to have a fun date. On one side of the park was nothing but trampolines, on the other side was a pit full of foam blocks that yall race to while jumping off. At first, you did not think you like it, but when you actually tried it, it turned out to be the most fun you ever had. Seeing him laughing and acting like a little kid made your heart flutter. πŸ’–
Okay guys! Here is your reveal. Leave a message and let me know which one you got. I hope you are having fun with this game, as much as I am making it.
-Some of these ideas were inspired by past dates I have had.
I do not own the video or any of the pictures, and Gifs used. . .
I think I tagged everyone, if not I apologize.
I am trying to figure out one more thing to do for the date.
πŸ’– Anyways, thank you all for joining me with this game!!! Any comments or suggestions are always Welcome!!!
@KellyOConner yes omg thats the best imagine ever! they are all so adorable so they would have so much fun!
@AimeeH i know me too! And now i really want to see it happen. like all the guys just playing around having fun can you imagine?!
@KellyOConner sky zone is soooo fun! I could honestly imagine Yibo playing like a little kid at Skyzone
SkyZone with Yi Bo!
@punkpandabear thank you, and no problem!
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