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OH MAH GAWD ........
Lemme just lie here on the floor and feel around for my face.....because it fell off at the beginning of the first chorus......That harmony tho....Minhyun, you doll....stop being so amazing. I love this song anyway....I know every word (´ヮ`) lol and I was honestly impressed with their English. Baekho....he's one of my favorite vocalists in kpop. There's just something in his tone that rubs my ears just right. And Minhyun.....he's just needs to quiddit (๑❛ ‿ꆚ❛๑).lol *shamelessly presses replay for the 5th time*
It's beautiful...T T I'm really surprised with their English! It was better than I thought it would be! Baekho's voice tho :3 .....I gotta agree with you there @PassTheSuga !! Thanks for sharing!! <3
@jiggzy19 yep. no problem.