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Below are some examples I made for my friend and just for fun. YOU CAN REQUEST ANYONE THAT YOU WANT AND ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT TO BE WRITTEN ON IT. *Please don't claim any of them as your own.* For the specific pictures you want, just message me on the app and I'll give you some social media way to send me the picture that you want.
I'd like to make a request for one Suga (BTS) wallpaper :) You can get as creative as you want :P
Hi! You made me one with V and Jimin with ♡ Lelu, but my phone broke and erase a lot of my pictures, is there any way you could send it to me again please :)
can you make a mark one and then a yugyeom one .. maybe alittle sexy....
May I please have a Jin one made? It would literally make my whole month. Lol. Please and thank you!
can I get a collage wallpaper of kookie^^ (i couldn't decide if I wanted a cute or sexy wallpaperㅋㅋㅋ
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