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What a great quote from Frozen! Now, I know that Elsa isn't really talking about being single when she sings "Yes I'm alone but I'm alone and free," but think about it: its the perfect way to talk about being unattached!
Relationships don't have to weight you down. A good relationship will feel freeing in its own way, but a bad relationship or one you're forcing yourself to continue will just make you feel trapped and frustrated.
If it gets to the point that you're in a relationship that makes you feel that way, then it's time to be single! And at times like that, being single is the best way to be.
It doesn't matter that you're alone or taken: what matters is that you feel free, happy and confident in whatever relationship status you're in! Learn to love you, and learn to love being in a healthy relationship when the time is right. Okay? Okay!!
yes me say!! Yes to this! I'm married but I'm FREE!! I have been asked how do we bond if we don't do everything together, my answer-it's good to have space in a relationship; space to be youself and to explore your individuality. A relationship that stifles your individuality is unhealthy
@allischaaff thank you. You're on the right track. That person better love you like you love yourself... and even more.I've made my mistakes and had my experiences but what makes it worth it is the lessons I took from them.
@onesmile You speak truth. Thank you. I had to find myself before I knew what I wanted and deserved, and then I went looking for it. You only find what you look for
@TerrecaRiley LOVE THIS response!! So many people don't realize soon enough that their relationships that take away their time and personal growth aren't healthy. A relationships that is both united and free is the ultimate goal. Congrats on finding that!!!
@alywoah that's good(btw,you mean "can't", right?)
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