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What a great quote from Frozen! Now, I know that Elsa isn't really talking about being single when she sings "Yes I'm alone but I'm alone and free," but think about it: its the perfect way to talk about being unattached!
Relationships don't have to weight you down. A good relationship will feel freeing in its own way, but a bad relationship or one you're forcing yourself to continue will just make you feel trapped and frustrated.
If it gets to the point that you're in a relationship that makes you feel that way, then it's time to be single! And at times like that, being single is the best way to be.
It doesn't matter that you're alone or taken: what matters is that you feel free, happy and confident in whatever relationship status you're in! Learn to love you, and learn to love being in a healthy relationship when the time is right. Okay? Okay!!
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@alywoah that is the way to go!
Did you know that there are those people who are willing to go through and put up with anything just to avoid being single? I just don't know how to deal with them. Worst thing is I used to be one of them... sigh
Yes, i know quite a bit of them. im human ...i like the company of others too. but i can bring myself to maintain a relationship that just produces grief and negativity
@alywoah that's good(btw,you mean "can't", right?)
yes this one i can relate!! xD