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Do I even need to explain this one?

I don't think so, but let me just go for it anyways.
It's simple, really. There isn't one definition of love. There isn't one meaning to the word, or one description of what love needs to be. It's different to everyone.
And how do you know if it's love? Well, you don't spell it out, you feel it!
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@TerrecaRiley thanks your are so kind
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@dhanu0017 if you wanna change which collection its in you can either edit the card and then change the selected collection at the top on web or on the second page on mobile i think!!! lol if that doesn 'mtake sense message me i can try to help >
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@onesmile thanks i msg you ..,really still didn't find it 馃槗馃槗
2 years agoReply
@danidee Can you help @dhanu0017 maybe?? I know you're an expert! @dhanu0017 I'm going to go see if I can find a card in the Vingle community that can help...
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Yes! Here's what I was looking for. @dhanu0017 check out the 5th image on this card: It shows which button lets you change the theme of your collection. But also, you can make an image to design the cover of your collection, upload it, and then make the name of the title transparent so it doesn't interfere with your image
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