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Read This:

There is not a certain time in your life that you should fall in love.
There is not a certain kind of person you should fall in love with.
There are not classes that restrict whether you can be with someone or not.
There is not a certain gender you should love, or you should be.
There is not a certain type of love you should expect because of others.
There is not a rule about when, who, or what you should be in love.

Now, Read This:

There is time to find the person who makes your heart feel alive.
There is a love out there meant just for you.
There is a love that will match your soul.
There are people who love you.
There will be more people who love you.
You can love anyone: regardless of race, gender, size, class, money, job, whatever.
Anyone can love you, too.

You have the power to decide your fate in use it!

Love this!! I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for reminding us of these beautiful truths @onesmile :)
@allischaaff Glad you agree :)