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Well, last week my Partner In Crime, @aabxo, and I thought of making a weekly Bread Making playlist....because well, we're into that sorta thing. And if no one else appreciates this playlist....she will (๑^ں^๑) So turn the lights down low and let shmexxy time begin....(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) forgive me for being such a weirdo.. DISCLAIMER CHILDREN, THIS IS A SLOW JAM PLAYLIST INCLUDING MUSIC WITH SEXUAL THEMES PORTRAYED IN A SEXUAL NATURE AND IF YOU'RE NOT DOWN WITH THAT THEN SKIDDADDLE.
AOORA FT DEMIAN__BODY TALK Now I have a weak spot for Aoora.... his lyrics and MVs are heavily sexual but the music is so damn catchy. He's walking that line between edgy and raunchy.....well, let's be honest, he's raunchy but I dig. The MV cuts the song even shorter so I chose the audio.
PHANTOM FT NAVI__NEW ERA Catchy as all hell. I loooooooove this song. Hanhae!!! └(^o^)┘I loved you before SMTM, homie! Uuugh he's looking so good in this MV. But anyway sexy chorus....pole dancers....good stuff.
U-KISS__QUIT PLAYING Definitely a sexy lil diddy.....and hello?? Threesome (ΦωΦ) NASTY! (I'm quoting the song BTW....lol) Never thought U-KISS had it in them to pull off this concept.... lol poor Kevin o(^^o)
EXO__PLAYBOY Them groans in the beginning set the mood.....ʘ‿ʘ Sexy thru and thru. Big up to Jonghyun...well done my friend.... well done. And this video tho.....
TAEMIN__ACE This boy did things to me when he released his solo mini-album.....definitely should come with a warning label....bonafide noona slayer.
JYJ__BACKSEAT LMAOOOOOO once you get past that intro (FYI I died giggling at the intro).....the song is really good. From the intro it just gets better and better. @aabxo Don't be afraid of it.....(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
CRUSH FT JAY PARK & SIMON D__GIVE IT TO ME You can't talk making bread without mentioning Jay Park. Rather than pull out a Jay solo number, why not add some Crush and SSam D to the mix? More flavor. Yasssss please.
TAEYANG__MOVE YB is pretty much sexy no matter what....uuuugh I just can't with this boy. He could fit in my back pocket but I don't give a damn.
G DRAGON__BUTTERFLY Love the acoustic guitar in this song.....paired with his soft breathy type vocals. Plain SHMEXXY. And underrated.
GIRIBOY & LIL BOI__ 한잔해요 (LET'S HAVE A DRINK) I HAD TO! I've got a sickness....lol. This is the last song for a reason.....it screams GO HOME NOONA.....YOU'RE DRUNK! (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) So until next week.....stay hydrated, children.....
PLAYLIST ON POINT!!! @PassTheSuga @aabxo you guys have the best ideas XD
Omg perfect from beginning to end! Exo's entrance though Damn...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I had totally forgotten about New Era! My jammm <3! I haven't made my playlist yet cause mfs want to f with my free time but it's coming (;
Xiumins body roll tho... *dead*
@PassTheSuga loved this, I wasn't expecting to see Aoora here...pleasant surprise ^^ I'm also glad there is another Hanhae fan here :D This awesomeness had to be added to the soundtrack to life, and U-Kiss (poor Kevin, and Jun is waaaaaaaaay to young for that ish XD) Lil Boi, Giriboy, Taeyang, GD, Crush, Jay Park, Simon D \(^-^)/ definitely a good thing you put a disclaimer on this one, it's dangerous XD
@PassTheSuga i'll show you cute -moons- XD
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