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I'm not all that into k-pop (ㅠㅠ). But I really do like reading all the cards from the sasaeng fans! My Korean obsession?? K-dramas. I'll be happy to discuss them with you. Here are the ones I've seen... (currently wathing I Remember You, Hidden Identity, & Late Night Restaurant...soon starting Yong Pal, Last, & One Sunny Day)
My very first drama was My Princess. I watched it on the recommendation of a close friend in the spring of 2011. I really liked it but didn't watch anymore. That summer I met a super hot Korean American guy.....afterwards I watched everything...and by spring 2012 I'd seen like 15 dramas and by that fall I was studying abroad in SK! More get to know me cards coming...
thank you for this I need an actual list now I have more dramas to watch
currently watching "I hear your voice" 11 episodes in....so good!
Jekyll, Hyde, and I is really good.
OMG! "My Princess" was also technically my first drama as well! I say technically because I was watching "That Winter the Wind Blows" before starting "My Princess". However I stopped watching it because I wasn't all that into kpop and Kdramas at the time. Then I studied abroad, and I was quite bored, when Facebook introduced me to DramaFever. I finished watching "My Princess" right away! Though I was confused with the ending, I felt like it needed more (during this time I was thinking they were going for a second season. Silly me lol). We have so much in common! I just read you also studies abroad. I went to London, UK. However, I kept thinking of that one show I had never finished. I did "That Winter the Wind Blows", and I regret not finishing it when I had originally started.
@goinnutz22 YES!! I agree. He is so wonderful!