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Good or Bad Day??

(translated-"I don't even know, man!") Not sure if I should see it as a good or bad day... 1-I woke up in pain this morning with nothing to eat to take my pain tablets, so I had to walk all the way to the supermarket to get food that needed cooking. By the time I got home, I had to get ready to go teach sign language, so 2-I grabbed a snack and left home for a 30min walk to class. It was my first time late and I totally forgot to contact everyone concerning my lateness. I always try not to be tacky. 3-I was so tired when i got there but there were two bright students who took over the absences class. 4-After class I was triple hungry and had to go over the song and was glad to head home when it was over. 5-On my arrival, I had to stand on my badly aching feet to do the dishes while I waited for dinner (which I thought would be ready and waiting for me), plus the juice I had my heart set on was finished 6-While I sat down to dinner, I realised that I had left my phone that the song we were practicing was on. Even though I was tired and dizzy,I had to dash out and take a taxi, pay fare from money I don't have to get back to the church to search for my phone. When I got there EVERYTHING was rearranged and the place I thought I left it was gone! 7-I asked around until I located it and praised God and thanked everyone I spoke with. 8-then I had to walk back home on my now worse aching feet, the only thing keeping me was the joy of getting my phone back and dreaming of enjoying all that ice in the juice I'd buy... Only to find all the shops closed. Thank God one of the shop owners only closed up for worship. She had juice but no ice 9-I came back, had dinner, rubbed my feet and soaked them in hot water and baking soda Still not sure if it was a good or bad day... what would you call it?
@rodiziketan very much so. My legs still hurt. I'm gonna stay off them today
a busy day, for sure.
I think it is for the better haha :) @TerrecaRiley
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