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Hot lava is a game, usually played by children, in which the players imagine that the floor or ground is made of lava and thus avoid touching the ground lest they get burned or otherwise injured. The players stay off of the floor by standing on furniture or the room's architecture. The players generally may not remain still, and are required to move from one piece of furniture to the next. The game can be played with a group or alone for self amusement. There may even be a goal, to which the players must race. The game may also be played outdoors in playgrounds or similar areas.
Typically, any individual can start the game just by shouting "The floor is lava!". Any player remaining on the floor in the next few seconds is "out" and can not rejoin the game for some period of time. There often are tasks and/or items/places that can "regenerate" lost body parts/health. Depending on the players, these could be embarrassing tasks, or simple things like finding a particular person.
In one version called "Hot Lava Monster", usually played on playgrounds, players must stay off the ground and on the play equipment. The person who is posing as 'monster' can be on the 'lava' with the objective of attempting to tag another player. 'Monster' must try to tag or catch the other players. In some versions, 'monster' is not allowed to touch certain obstacles, such as wooden platforms or may only touch objects of a certain colour. Another version known as labal [Leaping And Bouldering Avoiding Land] follows very similar rules, however, much like parkour, the goal is to get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible, without of course touching the lava, or designated land in this case.
And what about you? Have you played the lava game when you were a kid? What was the last time you played it? @allischaaff @marshalledgar @alywoah @onemisle @TerrecaRiley @danidee @skee292 @yernaya @MooshieBay @nicolejb @shannonl5 @2littlelegs @TessStevens @LauraFisher @VinMcCarthy @LizArnone @NixonWoman @Buddyesd and all the rest of vinglers! Feel free to share your thoughts! :)
@nicolejb don't forget the camera there might be prize money involved lol
I loved playing that inside the house out on the playground anywhere we could we basically did as kids. it was good clean fun till somebody got hurt and was a cry baby
no other game so ubiquitously speaks to my childhood
Omg those were the good old day's I remember my cousins would try to push someone into the lava .
hahaha loser is the one that can’t handle it and that touches the lava! duh! @buddyesd (I also don’t want to take a trip to the hospital)
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