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So I was clipping another Kpop vingle user (sorry forgot her/your name) and I really got hooked on the clothes inspiration. Lately I've been trying to dress a little more girl appealing but keeping some of my rock/guy looking clothes like the way Amber dresses (I freaking love her). The more I started looking into it the more I found myself buying the peaces and even got my friend into it too. I believe that it's a good idea for those who want to change a little their look to look a little more attractive than what they are but be true to themselves. Point is,I hope I'm not the only one that's getting sucked into this and to those who are being inspired by these styles and also doing it all I have to say is, CONTINUE MY FRIEND AND FEEL THE INSFIRATION (and yes I just took it there and couldn't help it,lol).
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This is so creative! I love the Inspiration behind the outfits. Keep making these!