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okay so I'm a Kpop fan who is pretty active in the Kpop world. I kind of pay attention to a bit of everything even of its not something focused on my fav groups. But throw a member from my fav groups into a show or something and I will probs watch it! ANYWAYS, so after going KCON LA ive started getting into Got7 & Block B. I really like Just Right & Got7 was really impressive performing! Block B, knew nothing about them at all but they really have great stage presence and were really good at the concert too, plus the member Park Kyung really caught my attention~
So I've been watching Real Got7 & 5 Min Before Chaos to get to know the groups better cuz I'm quickly becoming a fan of both <3 and then I really love the show A Song For You & on season 4 Gongchan from B1A4 is an MC along with Kangin from my top bias group & Amber who is #4 on my bias list. I'm also active in the new Naver V app & this morning B1A4 had a happy camp live stream & I decided to watch it, immediately Sandeul caught my eye cuz he's cute lol. They sang a bit and then on social media I saw that Sweet Girl MV just came out so I watched it & omg so impressed with their vocals <333
so now I'm looking into & becoming a fan of 3 different groups at the same time......WHAT IS LIFE!!! Kpop has taken over my life for realz in a whole new level *cries* *but is happy*
@katiems idols, solo artists, actors, lmao you know you have a problem when groups are only the tip of the iceberg 😂
@JonesyonMars haha I totally understand! It all started with Super Junior for me and now I've got BTS, BigBang, Got7, Block B, B1A4, not to mention other idols I really like such as Amber & Eric Nam and I like many other groups music too~
Lol It only gets worse xD I cant even count on one hand the number of group that have my full dedication haha Got7, Block B, BTS, B1A4 Shinee, BigBang, VIXX, TEEN TOP, Monsta X and so on...I have a slight problem