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Ladies, bring your hair to the side.

Yes, it's that simple.
This hairstyling method has been tried and test on your favorite hollywood celebs. You can dress it up or down and still look gorgeous. Take a look at the red carpet coiffures for inspiration!
Rita Ora looks absolutely stunning with her bombshell hair. The red lips, one shoulder part and minimalist accessory is the perfect formula to wow the crowd.
Alessandra Ambrosio reminds me of the earlier days of Megan Fox. The effortless straight hair with lots of nice layers. If you have similar length and texture, bring it to one side for slightly messy yet stylish look.
Amanda Seyfriend may be a "Mean Girl" but she has the most enviable natural soft locks. Push it to the side and you got the sweetest girl in town.
If you're wondering why this simple retro wave look so good, it's the one shoulder trick. The glossy locks falls on her shoulder effortlessly. In addition, Anna Kendrick's blue dress add a whole new level of sexy.
We all know Emma Stone got the whole package - smart and beautiful. Another thing to add on to that amazing list is, her fashion sense is always edgy and trendy. Take this side parted updo for instance, she's got her way to show you how to work a one shoulder hairstyle.
Miranda never fails to look classy and sexy at the same time. For this red carpet event she parted her hair in the center and styled it with a side swept. And did anyone notice the bronde she's rocking?
And finally, we have Olivia Palermo showing us how to achieve the bohemian style with her side braid, leather hair band and suede top.