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The 12nd ANISOUND FESTIVAL website has opened!! I play keyboard for one of ANISOUND bands, "BLUE CAT.":) Tickets right available here! ▲ When and where? when: 2013. 02.16 SAT 5:00pm where: Hongdae V-hall △ What is Anisound? ANISOUND( the community where people who are into animation/game music gather together. Producers/consumers communicate through the site, posting your recording and listening to others, finding people who pursue the same music, sharing information and creating events on sub-culture music culture. ▲ What is ANISOUND FESTIVAL? ANISOUND FESTIVAL(Henceforth, ASOFE) is the biggest event ANISOUND throws, twice a year. ASOFE shows the greatest quality and popularity among Korea's animation/game music live concerts. Awesome bands, and stunning music guests! You will not regret your decision coming here. △ Opening band Probably the greatest hit this ASOFE! One of the greatest bassist Kim Hyeon Mo Guitarist Macaroni from JAM Project yes, really, they are coming! Into j-pop? don't miss your chance to see real JAM-Project!! ▲ Bands 1. B-SOUND 2. SunrisE 3. Boss Mob 4. Blue Cat 5. A6 6. Black Bard will be on the stage. You can find further info on the website :) I play keyboard from the band Blue Cat. They not only sing, but they dance, and there's even more :))) △ How can I get tickets? I recommend you buy tickets on the internet. You buy tickets on site, it's 15000 won. (If you buy them on internet its 10000 won) ASOFE begins at 5, but people wait for good seats 2-3 hours before, so I recommend you come early. :) They'll make some souvenirs with my band logo on it:)) Let me know you will be there, I'll get some badges or something!