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I am so happy with how this turned out! So many road blocks came between me finishing her in time for the con, but it turned out beautifully!
I'm especially happy with the wig! It's actually Arda Wigs's Luthien in Pale blonde. I love their pale blonde color, but they were sold out of it in Venus, so I had to improvise. I straightened their Luthien with hot water and it worked perfectly! Then Alex Pinku 「ピンク」 helped me by layering the bangs. This wig was so soft and it didn't tangle at all, so I took advantage of that by doing a lot of spinning shots!
This costume would not have come together without the help of my friends. Jerri shared her patterns, Susan gave me costume notes, and Angie even came in last minute to make sure this got done in time! My Sailor Venus is quite literally made of Love and Friendship! <3
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