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I know it's difficult to resist washing your hair when it's so humid especially when you wake up with greasy roots. So, if you're just lounging at home or running errands to prepare for the new school year, you can prettify your second-day hair with these styles. Super laid-back. Made for lazy girls! ;)

1. Braided Ballerina Bun

This is a simplified version of the complicated ballerina bun from this post. You get the same exact look but with minimal effort. Watch the video above to learn the secret!

2. Fishtail Ponytail

Like I said, ponytail styling is endless. This one is my recent discovery from Luxy Hair. The styles is underrated, so it'll be rare to see another girl with the same hairstyle.

3. Hairband Bouffant

Think Blair's hair from Gossip Girl and Brigitte Bardott's signature hair meshed together. It's a modern take on the classic bouffant. Slip on a headband and learn how to properly tease it from the video above.

4. Poofy Ponytail

Truth is, second day hair is the best for teasing. Throw on a little dry shampoo to absorb the oil. Then follow the video for teasing and lifting instruction.

5. Scarf Braid

An oldie but goodie. The scarf will cover up second day bangs and it'll look even cuter with a autumn theme fabric. Another styling tip (not from the video) is wrap it around a headband and place the headband at the crown of your head. Then incorporate the scarf into your three-strand braid.
That's it!
These are awesome, thanks for sharing @HairConfetti :)
scarf braid is beautiful
I feel like this card is made for me. Lol
@allischaaff my pleasure! :)