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Quit hearing what people think about your weight. Your happiness outweighs any criticism . & if you're gonna work out do it to be healthy & please yourself not to try satisfying anybody because they're clearly unsatisfied with their own lives if they have to put you down to make themselves feel better ! Tired of hearing people say "ill do this once i lose weight!" no ! buy yourself what you please! get that makeover now! put on that bikini & embrace every inch of you! Life can be over in a second, live to the fullest & pay no attention to the criticism . After all they'll talk if youre skinny, fat, dark, light, & practically for any feature! Dont restrain yiurself from living simply because you feel unworthy! You're perfect the way you are!
its true everything you said. ppl will criticize no matter. be happy and be happy to be you. the older I get the more I understand this. I do what makes me happy
@2littlelegs exactly. thank u(:
your welcome @stephosorio and thankyou for posting it. this is one thing ppl need to read more in life to remind them. everyday woes pull us all down reading a simple sweet true line or two is what we need to keep going