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I was watching again Yoo Hye Yool's Sketchbook with BigBang and where there ca!e the part of with TOP singing part of "please"/" this is my world" by Deulgukhwa I realised that i wanted to share this with you ..not the Sketchbook cause I am sure you saw it more than once but the song.. ( those who didnt see Sketchbook you can check it out on YouTube and maybe you will like Urban Zakapa or BigBang or you will want to know moře about Deulgukhwa :) Since iwas kind i loved art and music and igrew up listening to song my dad and mum played mostly old schools rock and oldies so things likeQueen, Rolling Stones , led zeppelin, Pink floyd just to name some ..and since then mybiggest love was this kind of music it just felt so right though im open to any kind as long as i love the song or the band(Big Bang are good example of that :) ) I think many would agree with me that there is Art and art or in this case Song and song.. some songs become instantly famous and popular but some of them are popular during the promotion and big wave of advertising and being seen or played everywhere, some are popular only till they become anoying and some are popular during only one season (like all those summer time songs that are everywhere each summer ) .. But then there are Songs that are not just popular one seasons but they are just unforgattable there is something that hits the right spot for people and even if the band is old even new young generation can love these songs when they find them not only because people who made them are now legends and we can admire them for this, or because they stood at the beginning of new era of music or art or where there when new genre was born but because these songs often tend to have something that just drags people to them, even if they can sometimes be anoying and even if sometimes you dont like them you just cant help but admit that they have good quality or that 'X' something.. something that even now makes them different and outstanding ... Right when i first heard the song b Deulgukhwa i was totally impressed and in love with it and it instantly became my favorite band because the music is just like oldschool rockbut with something different and the voice of the singer....ahhh they were right saying TOP sounds similar to the singer really...
There is just something about the song that makes me feel like "wow awwww" right when i heard it i was hooked really... i could not help but feel admiration and happiness and could not help but smile hearing this amazing song and that voice singing it ...And at the same time I had to supress the urge to cry because even without understanding it ( till i found this version with subtitles) i there was something extremely sad something that hit me right in my heart and i swear i had goosebumps when i heard it...
and fore those interested to hear other versions of this song i found some that still completely take my breathe away ...and definitely are worth listening to though you may have permanet goosebumps whole listening to this song or some of the other versions .. maybe i should have put this learning right at the beginning :D
this one is truly amazing too the singer is like WOW i would never expect a voice like that and the performance is truly outstanding .. definitely worth hearing ... i really have no better words to describe it.. i lost all my words ...ahh.. it still had the power of the original version maybe even greater power and my goosebumps stayed for the whole song ...i really wish i had the luck to hear this and the original and the version with Dok2 life i would really enjoy IR
this version is good too although not so close to my heart ať the beginning it has even more of náklad quality then the original and then it turns a bit up beat so to speak and has different feel and quality maybe more modern .. not to say it is bad or anything and the singer is really good too just that this one isnt that close to my heart and somehow doesnt feel as powerful as the original or the versions above you can of course compare too and tell me your opinion :)
I really hope i will be able to fund more new or old amazing groups from all around world like BigBang or Deulgukhwa to add to my collection.. I really feel privileged to be able to hearts their songs and enjoy their amazing music ... you guys can comment bellow your opinions on the songs or bands whether it is BigBang or Deulgukhwa or you can also write into comments your favorite bands or songs that is something i would also apreciate since it would give me chance to not only know what you like but maybe find something new too :) hope you enjoy the songs :)