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im glad my relationship is like this lol
So true I just got out of a narcissistic relationship
@crazyflames12 @TerrecaRiley @alywoah Each of you inspire me in your own way ^.^ Like Aly, I am single and trying to focus on me right now... but I'm keeping my eyes open for something exactly like you described @crazyflames12 :D @TerrecaRiley you're such a strong and independent person, your marriage is such a good model for those of us single ladies to aspire to. Wish I could meet your man and hear all the great things i'm sure he has to say about you :) he should get a Vingle account too!! lol! But yeah @crazyflames12 my favorite part of this is "protect each other like brother and sister." I don't know why, it's nothing weird or incesty lol, but one of my favorite qualities in a guy is when I feel like he's a kind of older brother to me. Someone to tease and laugh with and have fun with, but also someone who cares very deeply about me and is always watching out for me. Now that's love :)
i think i have a good balance and i know what i want. @terrecariley
@alywoah that's good too. but be careful that you're not overcome by selfishness though
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