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If two colors were ever a match made in heaven, it would definitely have to be nude and black.

Whether you're pairing together a little black dress and a pair of nude minimalist heels or in this case sporting a nude and black manicure -- the two colors are obviously perfect together. Black is a very bold and daring color, where as nude is a very feminine color -- allowing the two to balance each other perfectly.
As the summer comes to an end, it's time to return to your neutral shades of polish and put your bright shades to the side until next year. With that being said, reach for a nude and black polish for your next manicure. It's classy, feminine and these images of ladies showcasing their manis are proof that there are several ways you can dress your nails up with this color combo.

Items You Will Need:

If you prefer to go to salon, go for it -- but the excitement is in doing it yourself.

Although the colors are neutral, there's still room to get creative.

There's a shade for every complexion. To choose the best nude to suit your complexion -- click here.
I think it's so much fun doing my own nails. I go to the salon to get the acrilic but then I go home and play! Those pictures with the jewel in each nail looks great!
I really like this color combo. SO chic. And perfect for the muted color palette I've been feeling lately. The first one is probably my fave, keepin it simple! Good looks @jordanhamilton :)
cute designs
My problem is that it's the same price to do just acrylic as it is to do the whole works, so it works out cheaper when I get my own stuff... plus I get more out of it that way. and @jordanhamilton, yes, self-bonding time!
Oh @MelanieMccormac that's so cool!! You get like a base color at the salon and then add your own embellishments at home? Very neat!
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