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Prepare yourself for tons of terrible '90s sex ed videos. A little NSFW.

We all know the horrors of sex ed class, but despite it causing a classroom full of fifth graders to blush and giggle hysterically, I think we can all agree that sex ed in schools is better than having your parents say the word "uterus". John Oliver agrees and calls out the outdated laws in plenty of states that limit sex ed courses or require abstinence-only programs.

"Human sexuality, unlike calculus, is something that you actually need to know about."

Plenty of people assume that schools are not responsible for sex ed and that kids will just learn that stuff elsewhere. However, as John Oliver points out, it's not just about teaching anatomy or putting a condom on a banana (which Mississippi outlaws, by the way). It's about teaching young people the real decisions regarding sex and the importance of consent. This, he thinks, could reduce the sexual assault cases that plague tons of college campuses.
To make up for what schools lack in sex ed courses, John Oliver enlists some friends (Nick Offerman, Kristin Schaal, Laverne Cox, etc.) to make a real sex ed video. It's informative, funny and most importantly reminds us that "YOU CAN ALWAYS SAY NO."
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I used to be a sexual health educator that went to different high schools to teach teenagers about reproductive anatomy, STIs, contraceptives, etc., and one of the bigger things we were able to do was have refusal roleplay aka what to say when someone is trying to pressure you into sex that you're not comfortable with. Maybe it felt a little silly or embarrassing to them, but in reality, it's huge.
@danidee yeah that's awesome and good to hear! It's such an important message, I'm glad they're teaching it somewhere!
Why isn't this being played in schools everywhere right now? Ratings aside..
So. Much. Win. My high school taught the dreaded abstinence-only and I can't tell you how much damage I feel that inflicted on so many of my fellow classmates and myself. Kudos to John Oliver for delving into such a controversial and underrated topic. This needs to be talked about more.
Yes @Mystere55 you're so right! I barely remember sex Ed (I probably blocked it out bc it was so awkward) but I imagine abstinence only is so unhelpful! It definitely needs to be talked about more...@drwhat has the right idea we should start playing Johns version of sex Ed in schools now