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Anime Community Introductions ^_^

Hello Anime Community! :)

I've been having so much fun getting to know you all in the anime community!!! :D
Introductions were done some time ago but since we have many new homies here, I thought why not do it again!
Here are some past intros from fellow anime homies!
Be sure to have a creative intro card title :D (Mine is not very creative lol)
Hi everyone!!!
My name is Pooja. I fangirl over many things but mostly K-pop, LOTR, anime and SPN. I got into anime many years ago when I was still in high school. A friend told me to check out Deathnote and that was the beginning of my anime journey. L from Deathnote will be my favorite anime character forever. I also love Totoro and Studio Ghibli!
If I had to recommend any animes, I would say OHSHC because it is pretty light-hearted and fun to watch for all ages. If you like Deathnote-style animes, I would say check out Death Parade. I'm currently watching Tokyo Ghoul (just a couple episodes of season 1 left), Attack on Titan and One Piece (at snail's pace...so many episodes T_T). I'm excited to be watching more anime now thanks to your guys' recommendations!
I hope to talk to you all more (reach out to me anytime ^_^) and I hope to see the anime community grow. I would like to see more cosplays, reviews, and just fun anime things so we can all fangirl/fanboy together.

Looking forward to all your introductions! \(^_^)/

If you aren't sure about what to write, I suggest having these in your intro...
> How you got into anime
> Your favorite animes/characters
> What you would like to see in the anime community (cosplays/reviews etc.)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to do this intro, so go for it and make your own intro card :D

How does this work? I'm quite new to this community XD. So I guess we can create a card to make an anime introduction. Is this what u mean? @pooja
@poojas I'm not exactly welcomed where ever I go.....heh
Kpop and anime are gonna be the death of me and i finished watching Ouran Highschool Host club and Death Note I was cryin for both they gave me feels
I love this anime ouran highschool :-)
@nerukawong *Hugs* We already love you. Don't worry about it. <3 :)
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