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It's no big deal, everyone. Really, relax.

It was a tricky weekend for the Mets in Tampa, as they dropped two of three to the Rays, including blowing 3-run leads both Saturday and Sunday. While it wasn't terrible, the pitching was - for once - what let the Mets down this weekend.
deGrom pitched Friday and battled despite not having his best stuff, allowing 2 runs through 6.1 innings. Anyone else would consider that a very good start, but we've grown so accustomed to near-perfection that it seems only average. The Mets won the game in dramatic fashion, three times overcoming 1-run deficits and winning on a Wilmer Flores RBI double, 4-3. That win made it seven in a row.
Then came Saturday's game with Syndergaard on the hill. It's gone relatively unmentioned that Syndergaard has done most of his dominating at home and has actually struggled quite a bit on the road. He was spotted a three run lead before even taking the mound for the bottom of the first, and you figured the magic would continue through the night. But Syndergaard wasn't good, as he allowed 5 runs in just 4 innings of work. Tough loss, but young right hander will be fine.
Bartolo Colon pitched Sunday and also met his troubles, allowing 4 runs in 6.2 innings. Not bad, but the Mets weren't quite potent enough to help him out against young Rays starter Chris Archer, who we anticipated giving the Mets fits before the series. He's as good as advertised, even though he struggled with his control. The Mets dropped the game and the series.
It needs to be remembered that the Mets still took 4 of 6 games on the Florida road trip and have won 7 of their past 10 games. They still hold a 1.5 game lead over Washington. Things are OK, people.
This wasn't one of those series losses that make you really concerned about the team. At least, it shouldn't. The starting pitching was just a little bit below average - that's all. The Mets didn't blow saves or get shut out; they just didn't pitch like they usually do.

Chalk it up to a blip on the radar and move on with confidence that this is the exception, not the standard.

A mid-week 4-game set with the 47-62 Rockies is a great place to get right back on track.

@christianmordi no doubt. It was a let-down for sure, especially since he had a great opportunity to make it eight in a row. Pitching on the road should be no different than at home is. Hopefully he gets it sorted out before the playoffs...
Mets will be fine, but Syndergaard has to improve in situations away from home. He should be able to put up a strong performance against Tampa..