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Congratulations to last week's Funny Caption Contest winner, @MinionPeach17! Her entry (seen above) will be the Funny Community sticky card of the week. (YAY!)
So many of you entered in this week's challenge, and there were so many hilarious responses, so I wanted to extend a very big thank you to all of you. You guys rock!
Keep your eyes on the lookout for this week's challenge, which will be posted sometime on Wednesday. And if you want to be kept in 'the know', follow the Funny Caption Contest collection to ensure that everything regarding the contest pops up on your feed!
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@danidee yeh yeh yeh!! weh e de!(where is it?)
@danidee thanks a lot, and thank you everyone! :) I'm glad you guys like it!
@danidee how do you do this!! I dono how tho do the linky thing