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So I have this idea.. I wanna start a female cover group. But the problem is it needs members and someone to mix the audio for us.
The number of members is not set in stone yet so it could be anywhere from 4-8.
I think it would be a good way to get more involved in kpop and make more friends and form closer bonds.
At the moment I don't know exactly how its gonna work, but we can learn along the way right?
So, anyone interested?? :) :)
That sounds really cool! I've seen people on YouTube do collaborations with people who do covers to create a full cover band and the result is SO awesome!!
it really does sound cool.
Idk how it would all work but totally cool!! It would so interesting and memory worthy
that sounds really cool and super fun! 馃槃
the hardest part is logistics. I love to sing but Idk if I have the confidence to be in a cover group yet.