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Today's world is run by entrepreneur they are leading us forward so here take a look at some of the most inspiring enterprenaur of our time.
STEVE JOBS (A Perfectionist) Whenever we think of being an entrepreneur the first guy that comes to our mind is Steve Jobs he was a perfectionist just take a look at the I phone 2g and compare it with other crappy touch phones like n97 he transform mobile industry by introducing first complete mobile phone
ELON MUSK ( Never give up ) This guy will transform the car and energy industry everyone of us wants to drive an electric car but this guy has make it happen with companies like space x ,Tesla motors ,PayPal this guy will change the world although brilliant he may seem now elon childhood was not a good one his parents would often abuse him and his sister his father was an addict he would often implicit emotional distress to his children at one point elon was on the verge of nervous breakdown but all these problems never broke him instead it made him more resilient .
Bill Gates ( Have a gut to follow your dream) How many people can dropout of Harvard with no product in there hand to start our own business the answer would be very few people and bill gates was one of them at the at the age of 18 he made one of the best decision of his life the decision which would later change the world .I wonder how scary it would be for him to dropout of the biggest college in america
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Get it right, don't give up and just do it like Nike.