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So I really, really like CUBE.

I feel like they treat their artists right (compared to many other companies) and treat the fans right as well (creating a safe space like Cube Cafe for fans to come and support their idols without feeling creepy and unwanted lurking outside the company building.
That being said, I think they're taking Hyuna a little too far.
Hyuna is sexy - that's her image. And there's nothing wrong with that. My problem is this new teaser for her 4th mini album.
I got into Kpop because it had great music, great choreography, and great concepts. The idols, for the most part, were great role models and when there were lyrics objectifying women or talking about anything a little racy - netizens would usually call them out.
But now we have this new teaser...
More and more groups are talking about drinking and partying which, again, is nothing to look down upon, but partying to the point of throwing up, hooking up with strangers, passing out in a gas station parking lot??? Yikes.
I love Hyuna, I really do. But this is so typical American-party-too-hard-drink-til-I-blackout that it makes me sick. If I wanted this I could just listen to any of the American pop coming out recently!

Come on CUBE!

(and other agencies that are starting to turn their artists this way...)

Am I just reading way too far into this teaser?

@adorkabledolly makes sense to me! I can definitely appreciate your concern for the artist. How much pressure is there behind the scenes for this kind of presentation? Was it her idea or someone else?
I feel as if a lot of kpop is falling into the "let's be american" appeal when really I liked kpop for what it is but that doesn't mean I look down on it. yes the message being portrayed here isn't good but some songs happen and it happens. To be honest I'm disappointed in Cube on the lack of promotions it has done for some of their artists recently. They are doing Hyuna's promotions wonderfully!! Teaser videos images etc. I've heard so much news about it and I'm psyched! But beast's comeback was very low-key. We received news about their comeback date about two months before yet we only received more information about less than two weeks before the release. Promotions weren't strong either. BTOB I feel was the same. I follow Cubes artists close enough that I should've realized that oh BTOB was going to have a come back soon. Perhaps it was negligence on my part but I heard news of their comeback a few days before their first stage. All in all I love Cube, I feel that they treat their artists well and focus a lot on their singing and help them with activities outside of promo and singing. They seem very close within groups and outside of groups. The americanness of this song does bother me a bit but I hope that this doesn't become "HyunA's theme" and believe that it will not
it's sad what some companies are starting to do
I definitely understand where you're coming from. One of the reasons that I got so into Korean music was because it was different from how so many American artists were all about partying and drinking and sleeping around and whatnot. It was like it was all the same. I grew numb to it and couldn't enjoy most American artists anymore because of that particular reason. On the other hand, I feel like most songs with this kind of feel come out during the summer time simply because that's when most adolescents and young adults go out and party to forget a lot of things, whether it's personal stuff like what's going on at home, school-related stress, and so on. I know some do it just because they love to have fun but yeah. I'm not personally a big fan of HyunA. I don't know why for sure but I just know that she's not an artist that I'm all that into, but then again I'm not all that into 4Minute all that much either. So, honestly, I don't feel either way (good or bad) about this image. She is definitely known for her constant sexy image, and it made me uncomfortable at first but I've grown used to it. I don't know if that matters much here though. Lol All in all though, I feel like all the agencies that have artists coming out with these songs are more than likely just to fit the theme of fun during summer. I mean, most of these combacks are planned in advance anyway so I'm sure there are a few companies who are trying to catch that last party swing of the summer. I understand why it bothers you most definitely but I do honestly feel like that it's just the summer party bug. ^^
I love Hyuna! She's my ultimate girl crush. I've never had a problem with her concepts or videos, but I do agree this looks a little too much. I know she's getting older and blah blah blah, but this is showing things she's never shown before. I just hope they're not making her do things she's not comfortable with 😰. I also hope there is a meaning she's doing all this stuff through the song/mv and not just doing to do it. Does that make sense? Haha
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