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Looking for the perfect beauty book to inspire -- look no further.

If you weren't aware yesterday was National Book Lovers Day and all the book lovers took to social media to post their favorite books in selfie form using the hashtag #NationalBookLoversDay. I figured what better way to continue the celebration of National Book Lovers Day than to share some amazing beauty books that are pretty beneficial for all my makeup lovers out there.
These books are written by some of your favorite people including my favorite girl, Lauren Conrad. They give both inspiration and tons of looks that you can easily try out on yourself. If you're a beauty lover and you don't have at least one of these books sitting on your book shelf collecting dust -- run to your nearest bookstore.

Lauren Conrad Beauty

Easily one of the best books I've received. This book is the perfect mixture of inspiration and beauty tips to get you through any day. From the perfect lipstick shade to how long you should keep your makeup products. Let's just say every woman who is the slightest bit interested in beauty should own this book.

Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself

This beauty book is one in a million. Not only are the pages filled beautifully with a variety of ethnicities, but there are looks that are great for everyday and looks that are perfect for the night life -- giving you the best of both worlds. If you don't own this already, you definitely should.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

The infamous, amazing Bobbi Brown took her makeup talents to the printing press with this book that gives you tips on everything from makeup to body care -- including step by step directions and pictures.

It By Alexa Chung

I mean who doesn't love Alexa Chung? From her sense of style to her hairstyle for the season -- the book is full of it all. The great thing about this book is that it's so much more than just beauty and style, it's Alexa Chung and who doesn't love that?

Whether you purchase all of these books or just one -- give your coffee table a little bit of company and yourself a gift.