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Some of you may know that I went to KCON NY...and let me just tell you guys, that it was an AMAZING experience. So, I decided to make this card for all of you that couldn't attend, to tell you, the Vingle K-Pop community, my personal experience at KCON NY, which was also my first K-Pop concert! \( ̄▽ ̄)/ WARNING: This is gonna be a pretty long post so I decided to make it a part 1 are part 2 sort of thing... So you might wanna sit back, relax, and maybe grab some popcorn.....and a drink. 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 FYI: - I had P2 tickets! - All of the pictures at KCON were taken by me. :D Lastly, I'm not trying to brag about being able to go to KCON, but rather take you along the journey I had! I hope you enjoy!! ( ´ ▽ ` )
So, my day starts around 10:00 AM when my sisters and I get dropped off in front of the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. We were SUPER excited and there was already soooo many people already there. We then check in and pick up our fan engagement passes and our swag bags, which the swag bags were just bags with stickers in it... not cool. AT ALL. xD Anyways, since I had my two sisters with me, we all hoped we would all miraciously end up with the same group for the fan engagement pass, but no. We ended up with.....
YEAH. VIXX AND TEEN TOP. WHUTTTT. They both were the reasons why we wanted to go to KCON, but now we had to decide WHO we wanted to see for the fan engagement... We kept asking ourselves who we should see so that we could possibly switch with other people. After a LONG dilemma, we decided to trade our Teen Top for VIXX. (We are slightly more of a Starlight than an Angel, but we still love them both!) So, my little sister was searching all over the convention for someone who would trade her Teen Top pass for VIXX. It was IMPOSSIBLE to find anyone since almost every person wanted VIXX. Suddenly... My little sister met this man who didn't scratch his card yet and she asked who did he have. He said he didn't scratch it yet so he did and... HE HAD VIXX. He said we could have it! We traded our cards and were literally jumping around like fools after we got it...
Next, we start walking around the convention, which was OUTSIDE. Yeah.... I was outside from about 10 AM-6 PM. BOO. ゚・(>_<)・゚ Anyways, the convention was pretty cool! It got really crowded as the day went on, but it was AMAZING to see all these people from all different races and ethnithcies come together for K-Pop. I know Vingle is a great place to meet K-Pop fans all over the world, but it was pretty darn amazing seeing it in person! There were tons of booths and vendors selling stuff from food, hats, t-shirts, special KCON posters (which were special posters that had the band member's signature printed on it), regular band posters (They were only $5. And there were groups from B2ST, BTS, INFINITE, GOT7, BIGBANG, 2PM, SNSD, and others!) and a ton more stuff. We bought 10 POSTERS. Yeah...we went a little crazy.. xD Now, for the VIXX fan engagement. We stood in line for maybe an hour so we could get as close to them as possible for being in the P2 section. We get our stuff checked and we walked into the venue. NOW....I tried to take the best pictures I could. There were SO many people around me. But, I'm a decently tall person. (5"7') So luckily, I got some pretty good pictures.


VIXX. JUST LOOK AT THEM. When they walked on the stage, they just had this UNBELIEVABLE presence to them. They were SUPER respectful and kept thanking everyone for coming out and supporting them. And yes, I was slightly hyperventilating. |▽//) After the fan engagement, we walked around some more around the convention!
Around 6:00, my sisters and I started to line up for the concert which started around 7:00. It was really hectic and confusing... but it all eventually worked out in the end! We walked into the Prudential Center, then into the actual concert venue and this was what was awaiting us.....
This was the actual distance that I was away from the stage. But during the concert, I zoom up all the way on my phone. They might be a little blurry, but I think it still came out pretty well! haha. xD


The order of the performances was:



My older sister is a BIG fan of him and OMGAIWNXJAMWJDD. He played BIGBANG's Loser on the violin and literally, it was BEAUTIFUL. Check him out on YouTube! He seriously has amazing talent and skill. (^人^) NOW... the moment we were waiting for...



Their introduction was EPIC. I mean SO EPIC. It was a remix version of Eternity. The lights shined individually on them when their names popped up on the screen and each member did his own solo dance. Error is my FAVORTIE song from VIXX so when it started, you guys can bet that I was BAWLING. Yup. I cried. For the song and for VIXX.


I was actually surprised they performed this song! Don't get me wrong, I was singing along, but I thought they were gonna play Voodoo Doll. But whatever. They were AMAZING as usual.


This performance was BREATHTAKING. I can't put it into words. Eternity is also one of my favorite songs from them. Ughhh, and those body rolls. They did NOT disappoint.

4) G.R.8.U

They said that they wanted to end the show off on a different style, so they wanted to do the cutesy songs last. So, G.R.8.U was FANTASTIC.
A heart from Hakyeon. I thought of you when I took this picture. xD @kpopandkimchi
And a heart from Hyuk

5) Love Equation

The last song VIXX performs...Their performance went by SO FAST. They walked on the stage closer to the crowd and started doing all these cute moves and signs towards the crowd. Like...


Yes. LEO. I was freaking out.
Hakyeon sitting on the stage SUPER close to the crowd. (o_O)
LEO squatting down to the crowd. (⊙_⊙) I have NO IDEA what was going on with Leo. It's like he's a WHOLE different person. Like REALLY cutesy and whatnot. Whattt.
Hyuk picked up that streamer from the ground and he carried it around with him for the rest of the song. And at the end of the performance, he put it around Ravi's shoulders. xD So that's the end to this card. I have like NO MORE room to be able to fit AOA, Teen Top, and Girls Generation on here.. So onto making Part 2! haha. xD I hope you enjoyed it so far, it took me awhile to find some time to create this... so, stay tuned! PART 2:
Wow!!!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I felt like I was there with you while reading this. The man who traded the scratch card with you is super nice. And dang, you're 5'8? You got them model legs. Anyways, I love this card!
Idk if you guys would want to read about this or not.. Haha. @jiggzy19 @poojas @PassTheSuga @KpopGaby @B1A4BTS5ever
Looks so funnnnnn! Ooh congrats on going to kcon. The best is when u go to the first since its the first NY kcon. Its people like u who supported the event that r gonna make it keep going!! And omg vixx. Ooh thos epics r great. Glad u enjoyed.
AHHHH THIS CARD MADE MY MORNING!! Thank you so much for the photos and the breakdown (and all the vixx hahahahha you know thats what i care about...) I'm so happy everything worked out for you and just ahhhhhh!!! can't wait for part 2~~~~^^
I can't afford p1 sadly :( so i'm praying to still get a chance for hi-touch. I think I'll get side seats. Good luck to you too!! ^^
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