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"A New York City loathe story."

Difficult People, Hulu's newest original series, is the story of two NYC BFFs trying to make it in the world of comedy. Maybe this sounds like an overdone plot, but trust me, this series is different. Julie and Billy are self-absorbed, cynical and generally unlikable people, but they know it. They're just two self-aware assholes navigating life while they offend anyone who crosses their path.

“God, I’m so funny when I write mean things about TV shows. How come no one’s hired me to write for one?” “Because our lives are garbage and it’s the world’s fault.”

Aside from an intriguing plot, lovable characters are what make me love a TV show. Difficult People takes on a challenge here, creating two pretty terrible main characters. Despite that, I LOVE this show already.

It's full of rude humor like Curb Your Enthusiasm, has a friendship as solid as Abbi & Ilana on Broad City and makes some pretty dark jokes like those you hear on Louie.

If none of that excites you, the trailer is full of awesome guest stars. In a minute and a half we see Kate McKinnon, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers. Oh, and did I mention, the series is executive produced by Amy Poehler?!

Difficult People is the perfect new series for insensitive, cynical comedy lovers who aren't afraid to describe themselves as such.

I've never seen Julie Klausner as an actress, so I'm really interested in watching this. I only really knew her from that book she wrote floating around in my Amazon "People Who Bought 'Bossypants' Also Bought.." e-mails.
SO MANY SHOWS SO LITTLE TIME! i need to start broad city too!
Same @LauraFisher! And I had no clue that Amy Poehler produced it! I’m super pumped to see!
@nicolejb same here, I saw a clip without any famous ppl in it and then finally saw the real trailer....i love guest stars!!! I'm totally hooked now.
woah. I saw ads for this and didn’t realize how many funny people were in it! I definitely want to check it out now!
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