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The war between streaming services has reached an all-time high in 2015. Every company is looking for a way to set themselves aside from the pack.
Hulu thinks it has found it’s edge against their competitors. In order to compete with Netflix and Amazon, the television streaming service is only going to release its original series on a weekly basis.

The new binge-less theme will also include their newly acquired show, The Mindy Project, according to AdWeek.

The reasoning behind this model is to help build an audience for Hulu’s original offerings. “We value the shared experience and the joy of the water cooler that is television. This will also allow us to get the shows out to our audiences faster, without waiting until full series completion,” says Craig Erwich, Hulu’s svp and head of content.

Who thought of this horrible idea in the board room?

Less options is does not create to more subscribers. If anything, that will frustrate the current subscribers Hulu has on board. If people want to watch 13 episodes in 72 hours, let them! They will bounce back and forth through all of the shows you have on the platform.
Instead of finding ways to slow down the users from enjoying the content they have, Hulu should focus their energy on creating better original content at a rapid pace.

Content is king, right?

@laurafisher personally I think Hulu is doing this because they don't have the show range that Netflix has at the moment.. so they are trying to buy time. They need to find ways to create solid content faster, because Netflix is cranking them out left and right
@lauraFisher Netflix tried this theory for a show they had called "Between" and it was driving me INSANE. There is no need to limit the shows when you have so much content on a platform.
UGH I totally agree. Netflix's original content is so good and so accessible, I'm not sure how long this tactic will last for Hulu
Right, that's definitely it @christianmordi, Hulu is ramping up content creation which is awesome, but Netflix will always be king in my opinion. Differentiating themselves is totally important, but I'm not sure this is the way to go about it.