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Turtlenecks have been on the up and up for the past couple of seasons, and will reach a peak this fall as the 70's take over the fashion scene for cooler weather dressing. You don't have to love the tight cropped turtleneck or the oversize turtleneck sweater to adhere to this style, someway, somehow. I'll show you how (and where) to find yourself a fall turtleneck.
Above: Lara Stone rocking the turtleneck in H&M's super-70's fall 2015 ad campaign.

Style 1: chunky sweaters

The coziest and my personal favorite of all turtleneck styles is a chunky sweater. It doesn't have to look frumpy or dowdy if you pair it with skinny jeans or over a fitted skirt and boots, but a chunky turtleneck will keep you warm in the cutest way.
Get the look here, here, and here.

Style 2: lightweight tees

The most basic turtleneck style is a lightweight tee, which everyone should have in their closet for layering on colder days. When it's so cold that a warm jacket isn't enough, a turtleneck tee will cover you up in style, and is great for layering under a sweater. Before the temperatures descend into full winter weather, wear a turtleneck tee with a short skirt for fall.
Get the look here, here, and here.

Style 3: crop-tops

Turtleneck crop-tops are a good balance of revealed and covered skin to wear out at night, whether you're showing a lot of skin or pairing your top with high-waisted pants or a skirt. Eitherway, the style elongates your torso and insures that your look won't be too revealing.
Get the look here, here, and here.

Style 4: sleeveless sweater tops & tunics

This is a major trend for fall, and a layering must to invest in this fall. The style looks chic and professional, and can transform otherwise summery looks for cooler weather and more professional environments.
Get the look here, here, and here.

Style 5: turtleneck dresses

A great way to counter the bareness or tightness of a little going-out dress is with a turtleneck or mock neck! These styles cover up any cleavage and let you leave your legs bare without going over-the-top, and a high neck sleeveless dress looks chic on all body types and styles.
Get the look here, here, and here.
so exciting!!! definitely keeping a lookout for more of your fall inspired cards.
@jordanhamilton same! I can't contain my excitement for fall and fall dressing!
im a huge fan of turtlenecks. this card just got me super excited for the fall.