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Hello people of the world (hahaha sounds so cool) im B1A4BTS5EVER most of you already know me from the kpop community, but if you don't well my real name is Stephanie im 15 and im nice, funny, sweet, weird and, a huge fangirl of many many things :)........... i have always had a heart for my anime its like my second love once i watch one episode of any anime if i like it i get hooked like that *snaps* and have to watch it till i finish it....however im not really new to this world but i have watch a little bit of animes yeah its basically cause my internet kinda sucks and if i watch long things it will always freeze and stuff so i have to wait either on toonami (that cartoon network one) or Netflix but other times it does work which makes me so happy hahaha ... anyways i hope i can be excepted in this community <3
so it all this started in end of Middle School and High School, However i way already familiar with it in elementary. So when i was elementary my favorite one was Pokemon (don't know if it counted as one) me and my sister where crazy about it we had huge stuff animals, movies, toys, we collected the Pokemon cards(never knew how to play them), and we had our curtains Pokemon also (we still have most of this stuff). We loved it like A LOT.....anyways my cousin would always stay over and he really like anime like a lot and when he stayed he would force us to watch Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One peace, and Yu-Gi-Oh. I really loved Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh (we collected Yu-Gi-Oh cards but never knew how to play them haha) back then and i still do.......yet.....back then since i was force i never really payed attention to the other shows and was like their okay i guess (little did i know what was gonna happen).....so my cousin stop staying over and me and my sister had stop watching everything he showed us we basically went back to Pokemon
around middle school it was different cause all my friends like anime and the talk about Death Note, Vampire Knight, Inuyasha, Bleach, ect. i didn't really get into their conversation cause i would be with one of my friends taking about video games and scary stories while another one tried getting me int kpop....anyways i was more into my video games so i didn't get into anything middle school year (only my american bands BTR and R5) during lunch one day my friend came started talking about it with me (she gonna come out a lot so ill call her A) and A mention Naruto and i was like hey in know that so i got back into Naruto and that was the end of middle school.......so my fresh man year i got A in first period...and she like "Steph!!!! i glad im not alone in this class" so because of this i got closer to A (little did i know it was all over) so she told me "hey you shuld watch Blue Exorcist" and i was like " whats that? " and A explained it in a way which made sound so interesting i had to watch it....so i did and she told me "im give you more to watch" she gave me some but not as much....then i met @StephyBAP we got so close really quick and she told me "if you want to watch more anime i recommend you these" and she gave me a whole list then @StaephyBAP and A both told me here you have to read mangas too....and so i did and i got hooked from that day on i was so into anime it was a whole new world *bust in to Disney song* A whole newww wwwrrooollldddd okay im sorry
Rin = Blue Exorcist
my husband in the anime world he just so beautiful plus this my second a favorite anime
Ed = FullMetal Alchemist
my second love (other husband sorry Rin) in the anime world first favorite anime
Inuyasha = Inuyasha
third favorite anime and inyuasha is also my love
Bokura Ga Ita
one of my favorite anime of all time...i finish everything the anime movies and manga ughhh i love it so much
i hope i did this right and i have more animes that i love to put but those are my Top 4 so yeah i guess that's it love you guys hope you enjoyed my intro bye bye.........thank you @poojas for tagging me :) love you
Oh my gosh, of course you are accepted in the Anime community!!! This is the sweetest intro ever! I love your story :) All the fandoms I got into were through friends as well. *hugs* Hope to see you more in the Anime community, hehe. (That pikachu gif is the cutest one ever!)
you ruined my life with Kpop so yours shall be ruined with Anime
@B1A4BTS5ever but Bokura ga ita was so cute
Welcome!! and like @shannonl5 said we like the same anime and if you ever need anymore anime series to watch just ask I know alot of good ones. Bon is my husband on Blue Exorcist!!! 😺😁
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