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So you just went though a break up and even though its been a few weeks the wounds are still fresh. It happens to everyone brave enough to put themselves in the dating world. But you've noticed you've been going out more, being extra talkative, maybe downloaded tinder.
Thats fine, have your fun, but don't feel the need to hop back on the relationship wagon so quickly. Because being single is like dating yourself and there are SOOO MANY other ways to spend that solo time then looking for someone else to fill the hole that heart break shoved in your chest.

Get into amazing shape

Breakups can lead to some drastic body changes. Some people stress eat, others workout! Try to take all your pent up emotions out at the gym. You can end up in the best shape of your life which will make you feel way better then the pounds of ice cream ever will long term!
Real Life Account- My friend and his boyfriend recently broke up so he decided to shred the pounds that always come from long term relationships. In the past 2 months he's lost 25 pounds!

Try some really crazy cooking

Forget the standard Chicken parm and spend your nights trying to created the coolest dinners for yourself to feast on! Try some healthy alternatives that you would never think of or just go all out with a gooey, cheesy mess of goodness. Throw some dinner parties for your friends when you want to show off your new found skill.

Treat Yourself to something crazy!

Being single means not having to spend money on dates and little gifts! Put that money away each week and after a while break the piggy bank and treat yourself to ANYTHING you want. A spa day, a weekend away, the complete autographed box set of all the harry potter books. It doesn't matter the point is, its whatever YOU want.

Sleep around

Just because you aren't in a relationship doesn't mean you have to be a nun! Enjoy some no strings attached fun and figure out what you like and what you don't in bed which is sometimes hard to do in a relationship. Just be safe about it and don't let anyone let you feel bad about your choices. Your body, your happiness.

Escape for a while

Take some real solo time for yourself. If you have the means, just pick up for a week and travel to a place you always wanted to go. What better way to forget about the past then throwing yourself into something so unfamiliar and amazing? If you can't spear the time or the money, go away for a weekend or just go off the grid in your house for a day or two. No phone, no email, no talking to anyone unless its new people you are just meeting! It'll give you some time to grow as a person without any influence from people already in your life.

Figure out how to comfort yourself

The hardest times during a break up is night time when you are use to having someone to talk you to sleep, to rub your back and to make you feel safe. Now that you are alone you need to figure it out by yourself. Buy a new blanket, a snuggie, some cozy PJ's, a sex toy or a really big wine glass. Whatever you do you need to figure out how to embrace sleeping alone and find comfort with yourself.
Pro-Tip: Sleeping starfish just because you can really helps you enjoy having the bed solo.
So now you are single and loving life after following these tips, right? Right. Well now that you know a bit more about yourself make sure you keep yourself open for new relationships. Friends can be found in the weirdest situations and getting rid of your "type" can lead to a new crush that could actually work out this time. Let yourself enjoy the newness of someone else and don't just fall head first too fast!
Ugh this is maybe the best advice I've heard all day. People should bow to your wisdom @LizArnone! :D I know @EddiePozo would enjoy this card as well, he's the master of enjoying the single life. I agree that after a breakup, you should use that disruption and pain to push you into a new phase of your life, a better phase, where you make the changes necessary to become closer to the You you want to be!!
This is cool. Wish I knew this ages ago. I just started doing some of this. It's something I can pass on to someone else who goes through this
@LizArnone make the time and go! I'm going to be broke again in all accounts but definitely worth it (every time). You also meet thw coolest people in hostiles
@EddiePozo haha i love that!!! man i wish i was traveling I'm getting sick of the regular routine of home.
@allischaaff haha thanks! I wish that were the case. I agree with the travel one so much. I'm currently in Newfoundland on a trip and it's so different getting away from anything (ps stealing wifi from Tim Hortons