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Andy Dwyer is hands down the best character on Parks and Rec (sorry Jerry), and potentially my favorite TV character of all time. A skilled shoeshinist, loving husband, expert band namer and owner of the cutest three-legged dog ever, Andy is just the best. Even though he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, he is by far the funniest! Seriously, show me another TV character that you'd rather eat chili off of a frisbee with...
Choosing Andy Dwyer's best quotes is next to impossible, but these prove what an adorable, lovable idiot he truly is. Every quote makes me laugh AND want to give him a giant hug!!!

He's honest.

He's cultured.

He's full of interesting facts.

He's helpful.

He's professional.

He's easily distracted.

And finally....he's just a total doofus.

But one that you can't help but love.

Fun fact:

Andy Dwyer was originally supposed to be a guest star on Parks and Rec, but Chris Pratt did such an awesome job they hired him on full time. Good thing they did.
I LOVE ANDY. I feel like my #1 favorite is Jean-Ralphio though. He's bae.
@rodiziketan he's awesome! I love the way he talks its so funny, but yeah I could see how it could get a little annoying hahah
@danidee @LauraFisher really? I never liked Jean ralphio. haha :)
Omg @danidee forgot about Jean-ralphio for a second. He is definitely the other best character...and his sister
@rodiziketan yep you just summed up pretty much everything I love about parks and rec, it's amazing
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