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open relationship (n.) - an interpersonal relationship in which the parties want to be together but agree to a form of a non-monogamous relationship.

We live in a society where nothing is sacred anymore -- not even the bond between two people in a relationship. You have your situationships -- [see article here] and then you have your open relationships where technically you're in a relationship, but there are no strings attached -- in other words you have the luxury of dibble and dabbling as you please. But doesn't that take about the idea of being in a relationship? Why would you want to be with someone that isn't necessarily exclusively yours? They say sharing is caring, but in this case I would say probably not.
I had the opportunity of asking a group of both men and women their honest opinions on open relationships via text and I was rather surprised at the amount of guys who obliged. I figured the majority of guys would be down for something like that.
Here's what they said when asked whether they would ever be open to being in an open relationship:

Viewer Discretion: These Responses Are Real And Raw

It's clear that the majority of people are against open relationships, but at the end of the day it's a personal decision that needs to be communicated between two people.
Jealousy will definitely be a huge factor when it comes to agreeing to have an open relationship. If you're up for that, but all means -- do you boo.

At the end of the day, my philosophy is -- a relationship is between two people. Respect that or just be single.

I am all about sexual freedom, but I know for me personally, I wouldn't be able to do an open relationship...nor would I want to. Sharing is caring is cool to me if it's food...not people lol.
I think about this all the time - and I totally agree with you, but I definitely think it's just a personal choice (and one that's changing a lot among a younger generation). I'm definitely not an incredibly jealous person, but I some point in the relationship, I think monogamy kind of just makes sense...that's just me!
wow i like this card haha so many people always talk about the idea of an open relationship and I just don't get it! it seems like single and loving life to me! i am more into being exclusive because i would not want anyones feelings getting hurt because that is bound to happen!
I have seen several people casually at once before, but to me, that's not an open relationship – that's called being single!!
@jordanhamilton you have to go into the relationship with the mindset of not developing feelings with each other and part ways the moment feelings arise. When you meet someone who just captivates you, simply don't do this
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