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Welcome to the new Funny Community game - Finish This Sentence! Every Monday, I'll post a sentence for everyone to finish with their own idea.
(And, you know, try to keep it as clean as possible. This is a family game!)
Sooo, finish this sentence! What do you HATE that other people do? It can be true to life or completely silly. The answer is up to you!
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"don't you just hate it when people 'breathe'?"
2 years ago·Reply
I’ll just be over here hanging out with my TRUE friends @buddyesd. like Netflix...or Chocolate.
2 years ago·Reply
Don’t you hate it when people...forget you exist... I KID I KID
2 years ago·Reply
... who don't know a thing about you act like they know everything about you and try to give you "advise" based on what they "know". They talk foolishness with such confidence!
2 years ago·Reply
Use all the toilet paper in the bathroom then don't replace the roll.
2 years ago·Reply
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