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Hi everyone!! My name is Ellie and I am a 100% natural otaku. I love anime of all kinds and have since the Yuyu Hakusho/ DBZ days. I'm always open to new ideas and I enjoy talking to new people. I'm 22 years young, in college, and I go to conventions often. That's about it I guess Lol. Oh I will be cosplaying Urd for the next Convention look forward to the pics!!
Its awesome to meet all of you as well! @poojas you should seriously look into the convention lifestyle its expensive but worth it!! I even met Sesshomaru's voice actor and most of the Ouran Cast!
HELLO @EllieDean *\(^o^)/* Thanks for doing an introduction! It really nice to meet you :)
Hi, @EllieDean! Pleasure to meet you!
@EllieDean Nice to meet you I'm Aimee ^~^
Thanks for the intro @EllieDean. I've never been to a convention but I really want to T_T
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