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Ever wondered what idols would be like if they were animated movie, cartoon or anime characters?

Well, wonder no longer. Now presenting, K-Pop Animated!

This time it's TOP! What would he be like...if he was Tamaki from the anime Ouran High School Host Club? A lot of you requested TOP, so hope you like this. :)

Now that his blonde hair is back, I can finally do this animated comparison lol.
This would be his Tamaki "You like?" face.
His reaction every time Daesung calls his name.
Bingu TOP throwing temper tantrums because he is basically 5.
Every time he enters a fancy furniture or art gallery.
His face when he can't get all the cool chairs.
His Tamaki-equivalent fan service. Imagine TOP in a Host Club...LOL
Poor Daesung. And then there's jealous fangirl in the back.
"Too fab for you" Tamaki TOP, Zutter edition.
TOP having childish arguments with G-Dragon...because why not?
TOP fangirling over stuff...art, chairs, Daesung...etc. etc.
His happy place...dreaming about his ideal girl on his favorite chair. XD
Let me know your suggestions for the next K-pop Animated!
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This is probably my favorite thing ever ♡ Tamaki is one of my favorite anime characters of all time. I can definitely imagine TOP like him ><
you're right that would be TOP but i scents topdae feels
can u do one for Minji or Park Bom??
I would like these one with Taeyang