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The Mets have a decision on their hands.

With veteran left fielder Michael Cuddyer set to return from a DL stint today, the roster is going to see a shake-up.
Even though Cuddyer has been really disappointing for most of the season, he's an important veteran player and he deserves to be on the 25-man roster, no question about it.

But, as one comes, another goes. Who's it going to be?

There are really only two legitimate options: Left fielder and rookie future-star Michael Conforto, or utility man Eric Campbell.

The case for keeping Campbell

Is Campbell great? No. But he's a known commodity - if you can call a lifetime .225 hitter (batting just .179) on the season a 'commodity' at all. He can play several positions - third base, second base, outfield. And, he's actually come up with a few pretty major hits this season despite his low average. He can play multiple positions (Conforto is really a true left fielder) and is a right-handed hitter, something the Mets have use for.
The main upside for keeping Campbell on the roster is what it means for Conforto. As it stands, he doesn't play every day. And when Cuddyer comes back, his playing time will only go down. He's a young player with tons of potential, and it's dangerous to have a player like that in the lineup only once or twice a week. Many people would much rather see him playing every day in Triple-A so he can be ready to stand out next season.

The case for keeping Conforto

He's better than Campbell. Hands down. End of story.

I'm keeping Campbell and sending Conforto down.

I know Campbell is terrible, and I'm as sick of seeing him play as the next guy. But he's a righty, and keeping Conforto on the team to play only once or twice a week could really hurt his development. Sandy Alderson has said that he's focusing on this season, not developing for next, and I respect that - but Conforto is going to be a big deal in a few years, and I don't want to mess with that. Plus, David Wright is looking like he'll return sooner rather than later, and with his return, Campbell will surely be the guy to go.

Conforto doesn't figure to be a part of the playoff picture for the Mets anyway, and I'd rather have him playing every day beginning right now.

idk, I think sending Conforto down for a player he knows and everyone in the locker room knows that he is better than can be tough on him mentally as well. I think if they send him down, an open talk with mgmt and the player need to happen so that he knows that its just for him to see more at bats and time, that way he grows as a player. He needs to be assured that he is the future of the team. IF you think he's on the fence, keep the kid up.. can't crush his confidence IMO
@christianmordi that's a fair argument. The original plan was to have him in the majors only for about a week so I think he knew coming in that this was a short-time gig. And the Mets have made no mistake about letting him know that he's the future. In any case they just announced the roster move and it is Campbell going down. So Conforto will stick around until Wright is ready is my assumption