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yes it is the beginning of the week once again. don't stress everyone friday will be here soon enough!! whether you're at school, going to work, or you whatever it may be...our idols are here to help you through it....
if you're in school and the time seems to drag on forever don't worry, Daesung doesn't seem to mind.
if you on your way to work(like i am) it's all good, just find a way to have fun with the co-workers. JHope seems to got the feel for it...
if you plan to get a good work out this morning like i just did i suggest something that will get you in the mood. my pre-workout playlist consists of motivational messages with the sickest beat. here is just a few of my songs to get me movin
so now im off to work guys....whatever you may be doin on this fine Monday, just remember to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! love you guys
Perfect. I need to look at this every Monday. Thank you!!
The second one XDDDDD
@felicityautumn no worries...