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Ok. So. we all know Sehun's famous lyrics from Love Me Right, "Shawty, Imma party til the sun down." So my question is why is he only partying til the sun down... come on boy the party don't start until after the sun is down. So I did some thinking. Exo did have the era were they were werewolves, so maybe it's true and Sehun has to leave the party before the moon comes out or he can't control him self and kills everyone.
It all makes sense! There is no other way a good looking boy like Sehun would be leaving a Party before the sun even sets.
Anyway, comment and tell me why you think Sehun only party's til the sun down.
P.S. I found a werewolf Sehun picture... man he is HOT!!! haha not like he is less hot the rest of the time. Man that guy... he gives me so many feels!!
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He's still innocent little sehun (haha) and follows suhos bedtime and gets tucked in