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In a previous card I shared how you can make soap that was tie-dyed and appeared to have a water color effect, which you can see here. This soap idea is a little different. It features pieces that look like stained glass!

Supplies Needed:

2 lbs. clear glycerin soap
2 lbs. white glycerin soap
essential oil for scent
soap dyes
glass bowl or other microwave safe bowl-soap molds
popsicle sticks or disposable spoons
Besides being great gifts for friends or family, the other great aspect to this project is that you can get about nine bars of soap for about $25! That's cheap!
Step One: Create three clear colors
Cut the clear glycerin into cubes and divide into three groups. Melt the first group in a microwave safe bowl (or melt on the stove top using a double boiler). Microwave on high for 30 second intervals until melted. Use your popsicle or disposable spoon to stir as needed. Add your dye and essential oil. Then pour into your soap mold. Repeat this until you've used up all the clear glycerin and created three colors.
TIP: Use the same scent for all three batches to prevent a horrid scent from emerging when all mixed together. Also, the moulds should set for several hours--or overnight.
Step Two: Make rectangles
Cut the colored soaps into cubes or long rectangles. Place them in your loaf pan (or other soap mould). Arrange them so the colors are spread throughout and there is space for the white soap to pour throughout the pan.
Step Three: Melt white glycerin
Melt the white glycerin soap in the same way you did the clear. Allow to cool some before you pour into the pan. You don't want the white soap to be piping hot as it could melt your other soaps. Allow to fully set before removing from the pan.
Step 4: Cut the bars
Once your soap has set, take out and cut into bars. Cutting the bars may yield a rough cut, but that is part of the charm of homemade soaps--they don't look mass-produced. Embrace it and enjoy it!