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I thought it was impossible, but I just learned something new about SNL. Seriously, I thought I knew everything about that show, BUT apparently it's common knowledge that several celebs have been banned from SNL by the all powerful Lorne Michaels.
Every misbehaving celebrity has their own reason for getting banned from Studio 8H, each as dramatic as the last. Ready for some fun behind-the-scenes gossip?!?

Adrien Brody

Banned for improvising his monologue. Lorne Michaels is notorious for hating when actors go off-script, so Brody's ad-libbed impersonation of rapper Sean Paul was not appreciated. That's no fun though, a Sean Paul impersonation sounds pretty hilarious.

Chevy Chase

Banned for being an ass. Chevy Chase has a reputation in Hollywood for being notoriously hard to work with. Apparently he verbally abused most everyone in the cast until Will Ferrell complained. His attacks must have been pretty harsh because I'm sure Will knows how to take a joke.

Rage Against the Machine

Banned for lack of patriotism? Rage Against the Machine requested two upside down flags be displayed on stage during their performance. Not ideal when Steve Forbes, a presidential candidate at the time, was the host...

Elvis Costello

Banned for disobeying Lorne. Originally booked to play Radio Radio, Costello decided to pub his most recent song, Less Than Zero, but that's not what Lorne had planned. As we all know, whatever Lorne says, goes. So Elvis Costello had to go.

Martin Lawrence

Banned for his potty mouth. During his monologue, Lawrence made some pretty dirty and demeaning jokes that have since been edited out. That was his first and last time on stage at SNL.
What?! this is super interesting! I didn’t think they could do that. But I guess it's like you said, "whatever Lorne says, goes"
I had no idea!
That's so crazy that Adrien got kicked off just for improvising! That's seems like something every comedian has done and should do!
hahaha @LauraFisher “I know you just improvised that handshake! I DO NOT approve of improvised hand-shakes"
Hahaha you are just full of Lorne facts @LauraFisher! Sounds like someone needs to meet this man and get the inside scoop.
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