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It's the 21st century and I think its about time that women stop being criticized for being "unladylike." Think about it, every single time a girl burps or laughs to loud or curses, there is some old biddie on the side lines ready to swoop in with the, "Act like a lady" speech.
And I am here to say Fuck off.
Let's focus on the actual definition of "ladylike."
A well-bred women...sounds like their talking about a race horse to me. And what is with these synonyms, respectable, genteel, MODEST?
Even the sentence using the word is sexist, "It wasn't ladylike to be too interested in men.
Yeah bye.
The term ladylike is so old fashioned if you blew hard enough it would float away as dust particles. Ladylike describes the shell of a woman who doesn't curse, raise her voice, have her own opinions, hell "ladylike" even stops women from acknowledging that their body performs basic human functions (i.e. burp, fart, menstruate).
Women are humans, and they should be allowed to be however they want to be. So I think we should redefine ladylike.

Because being a lady is being:

- Able to stand up for yourself and your opinions.
- Strong enough to make your own choices.
- Sexually liberated whatever that means to you, free to sleep around or save yourself.
- Educated enough to make a difference in the world.
- Fun enough to be funny, brave, daring and adventurous.
- Able to know exactly what you want and not let any stupid definitions stop you.
Actually, ladylike is any behavior preformed by a women. So shut up with your useless sexiest definition.


This is the definition for manly, just to show you the difference between definitions. Where as the ladylike is meek, focuses on "whats appropriate", and tries to define ways for women to act, manly seems to be giving men a lot more of the control.
Side note- the sentences that use manly in a sentence are SOOO LAUGHABLE!
Now wheres the equality in that?
@jordanhamilton hahah thanks so much !! just looking at the definitions make me roll my eyes!
I'm obsessed!! My parents raised me to be "ladylike," and now I find myself apologizing for the most absurd things. Like (God forbid!) having an opinion and expressing it. I mean, what??? Society has us so brainwashed!! I hope we can break these cycles before our daughters grow up.
you're welcomeeee! and trust me, you weren't the only one rolling your eyes.
love this so much!!! the title def drew me in. perfect and love the comparisons between the two definitions. let em know liz, let em know!
I'm like "I have the parts, what more do you want from me!". Now my mother (the poor thing) is now comparing me and my sister to our brother's wife, who does that ladylike thing. She adores that girl and gives us such a hard time. Sigh. But I will always be true to myself. Also my mom thought it such a bad thing that I expressed my feelings for the opposite sex so passionately and talked to them... omg! It was worse when I would talk to them!! I doe know...!
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