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You mean I can't order a burger and fries here?
What am I going to eat?

Your friends are always trying to get you to eat new foods.

And sometimes you concede, even though it goes against your better judgement.

You know what you like, and what you don't like...and you have very specific tastes. That is good right?

Your orders are often complicated and simple at the same time. "No, I don't want onions on my sandwich, just lettuce, tomato, mayo and cheese. Thank you. pickles!" So people often get them wrong.

And sea food scares you.

Spicy stuff...uh uh.

And some foods just irrationally give you the heeby jeebies.

When you do try something, you pretend to like it, so your friends wont get offended.

But all you really want is like...a plain pizza or something.

It's okay that you don't like a lot of things.

And you eat the same thing every day.

Because it's not like you're not trying new just don't like them.

And when people hate, you just appreciate, because you can eat what you like!