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Because let's face it. We are automatically friends if you like anime as much as I do.
When a kid that likes anime sees an adult that likes anime chances are that kid will become an awesome adult that continues to watch anime. Either that or a Shinigami. Hey either is cool with me.
What is this social life you speak of? Is it an animal? Do I feed it?
Well....this one explains itself.
If I don't text back, call back, tweet back, or Facebook message you back in 48 hours. I'm not dead....I'm just lost in the Bleach series.
Because honestly....Otakus hate people pretty equally unless the people are also otakus. AmIRight?
No anime=Death! Keep it coming Japan! Keep it coming!
These poses are the properties of anime Vogue.
Honsetly this is why I failed Econ last semester. Oh well, I still have anime!! :3
If you refuse to do this pose with me in public....we cannot be friends.
i watch anime during the.night like a vampire
@shannonl5 at least you understand :'( and when your seing anime with someone that doesn't really like it, and you're so exited and everything is awesome and when you see their face... they're just lucky we don't have the death note!
This one time, I went to a fair and I wore my Blue Exorcist shirt and it has Rin on the front. I was walking around and around hoping someone would notice. I was there all day and no one noticed until near the end of the night and they should from across the path, "EH! I LIKE YOURE SHIRT RED HAIRED CHICK! TOO BAD I DIDN'T WEAR MY SHIRT WITH YUKIO ON IT! WE COULD OF BEEN TWINS!" And then basically, we ran up to each other and hugged and all his friends just stood there, confused. That was the greatest moment of my life, I swear! XD
@EllieDean *does the Phoenix Pose* am I good? LOL
@ninachan here is 5:44 am and I'm watching Toradora now ahah not sleeping tonigh!
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